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2 Partying with a purpose, looking for an impact

More than a thousand young (along with a few not-so-young) Seattleites got together Friday to eat, drink, dance, schmooze and Party with a Purpose. Seattle’s second annual Party with a Purpose was at McCaw Hall, a sold-out affair put on by the Washington Global Health Alliance. The event is intended…

0 Party with a Purpose almost sold out!

Okay, you don’t have much more time. Party with a Purpose is almost sold out. This Friday’s event, sponsored by the Washington Global Health Alliance, is aimed at bringing together mostly young people (and some old people like me) to eat, drink, be merry and focus on a particular global…

0 Pre-Party with a Purpose

What is the best way to get hundreds of the young, smart and beautiful people of Seattle to pay more attention to a deadly bacterial illness that kills millions of people around the world? PARTY! That’s right. Party with a Purpose. I can reveal at this point that it will…