infectious disease

0 What’s Killing Us: Infographic Edition

This awkward infographic comes to us from the Twitter feed of Bill Gates. Ther are some curious choices about the design choices, but it gets the facts across and alerts some things I did not know. For example, deaths caused by typhoid increased between 2005 and 2010. It is not…

1 Why global health? Polio in Syria, Texas dengue, West Nile’s killer cousin

Taken in isolation, the news reports that polio appears to have returned to Syria for the first time since the late 1990s, that dengue and yellow fever is showing up across the southern United States and that Texas has had its worst year ever for West Nile virus all seem like separate disease outbreaks. And they are. But taken together, they should also serve as a reminder that disease, especially infectious disease, doesn’t spread independent of human behavior – and bad behavior on the other side of the planet can kill here.

1 Mapping where new diseases come from: Zoonotics

Many, if not most, infectious diseases that afflict humans start out as animal diseases. That’s what the field of zoonotics is about — and why so many human disease experts worry about a flu that afflicts mostly birds (H5N1, aka avian influenza). A mysterious killer of children in Cambodia is…