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0 Visualizing Brazil’s score on health and equity goals

While soccer fans globally have been following the excitement of the World Cup matches in Brazil, riots in the country have thrust its poverty and inequality into the international spotlight. While Brazil has made progress in reducing poverty and improving health, much work remains to improve well-being in the country.…

0 Obesity rising

Obesity is not one of the sexiest global health problems. Unlike infectious diseases such as malaria, where children are viewed as innocent victims of a malicious virus, obesity is commonly perceived as a result of poor lifestyle choices made by adults. The global health community cannot afford to ignore the…

0 Visualizing Schisto: Common parasite may increase women’s HIV risk

Washing day in MozambiqueFlickr, domink raskin In sub-Saharan Africa, the burden of schistosomiasis – a disease caused by water-borne parasitic worms – disproportionately affects females. What’s more, it may explain why women uniquely account for a greater percentage of people living with HIV/AIDS in Africa. This differs starkly from other…

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