Ivory Coast

World Politics
1 What determines the humanitarian military response?

Most of us prefer to avoid using the military and killing people to solve problems. At least, that’s what we say — that we prefer non-violence. Hollywood and the entertainment industry, however, seem to think shooting at people is, in fact, our favorite problem-solving strategy. The reality is that a…

Human Rights
0 How to avoid the dark (chocolate) side on Valentine’s Day

Flickr, Bob Fornal “Everybody loves chocolate.” That’s the first line of a documentary film called “The Dark Side of Chocolate” in which the film-makers investigate the use of child laborers, slave laborers, on cocoa plantations in Ivory Coast where 42 percent of the world’s chocolate production is managed by four…

Global Health
1 Deadly side-effects in Ivory Coast and a Déjà Vu moment

Child getting vaccinatedMike Urban One of the unfortunate side-effects of the violent political confrontation and deadly civil unrest in Ivory Coast is that basic life-saving activities for many innocent bystanders can also get suspended. We in the media will cover the political clashes, the riots and the shootings. But little…