Jeffrey Sachs

0 Can schools profit from farming? This one might

Yala, Kenya – It is not often that a greenhouse is found on the property of a primary school in Kenya. Muhando primary school in Nyanza province has one. It is a part of an agriculture program at the school supported by the Millennium Villages Project (MVP). With successful crops…

0 A Farmer’s Dream Conferred

Sauri, Kenya – George Aronyi dreams of one day buying a pick up truck. He is a planner who was laughed at when he told his father that he would build a nice home. “One day I will get out and put up a good permanent house,” he said to…

2 Jeffrey Sachs 2: The man who made ending poverty not fantastic

It is probably not an exaggeration to say that Columbia University economist Jeff Sachs has done as much as anyone over the past few decades to draw public, and policy maker, attention to the plight of those who live in extreme poverty around the world. Sachs literally wrote the book on how to end poverty.It is also not a stretch to say that Sachs has become a target of fierce criticis.

7 Jeffrey Sachs: The man who failed to end global poverty

News Analysis (See also Part 2 – the Prequel, a chat with Sachs about his controversial big ideas) Jeff SachsEarth Institute Yes, that’s a ridiculous headline. Oddly enough, it’s not that different from recent headlines on otherwise serious media reports and punditry regarding the anti-poverty economist Jeffrey Sachs. To wit:…

4 Learning from mistakes made: The Millennium Villages Project

A new book that profiles economist Jeffrey Sachs is augmented by two new reports on the controversial Millennium Villages Project. One explores media attention to the MVP in Africa. Another says that the mistakes made by the MVP provide lessons for future projects and illustrate the importance of transparency in development projects.

0 Rwanda’s revolutionary prescription for health

Rwanda is widely celebrated for having demonstrated that major improvements in health can be achieved in a poor country, at relatively low cost per capita, by good strategy, innovation and focusing on the best bang for the buck. Rwanda says its due to brilliant planning and expanding doctor density. Jeffrey Sachs says its due to massive use of low-skilled community health workers – an approach that everyone should adopt.

1 Rwandans fight poverty while others fight over the numbers

Donald Ndahiro, team leader of Millennium Villages Project in RwandaTom Paulson Editor’s Note: This is the latest in an ongoing series, Metrics Mania, exploring the debates surrounding how to tell if aid and development projects are working. This is a look at one such project at the center of the…

3 Metrics Mania afflicts the fight against poverty

A lot of people who say they want to help poor people — the aid and development community — have been getting really nasty with each other lately. Why? In part, it’s because fighting poverty is messy and hard to measure. At the center of this nastiness is a well-known…

2 Q&A with Jeffrey Sachs: Why is everyone so mad at this guy?

Well, maybe not everyone. But the world-renowned economist and director of Columbia University’s Earth Institute certainly has his fair share of angry critics. Jeffrey Sachs draws fire like few others within the aid and development community. Yet it’s also fair to say he has done as much as anyone to…

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