Jimmy Carter

0 NYTimes profiles a dragon slayer, Donald Hopkins, and his fight against guinea worm

I’ve written about this disease many times, seen people afflicted with it and years ago met a woman who was Nigeria’s last case. Jimmy Carter, whose philanthropy the Carter Center has sponsored Hopkins’ work, was recently talking about guinea worm with comedian Jon Stewart on the Daily Show. This painful, debilitating disease used to afflict millions of people every year.
Thanks to Hopkins and the Carter Center, it’s today down to few hundred cases remaining in the Sudan.

0 Jimmy Carter talks about eradicating guinea worm on Jon Stewart’s Daily Show

Former President Jimmy Carter shows up Jon Stewart’s The Daily Show to talk about the Carter Center’s stunning success at nearly eradicating the parasitic guinea worm, a painful parasitic worm that used to afflict millions of people every year. Thanks to Carter’s team, there are now just hundreds of cases in South Sudan. Ten years ago, I saw guinea worm in Nigeria. Here’s some of my earlier stories about the Carter Center’s work and Nigeria’s last case.

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4 How Jimmy Carter became a serpent slayer and global health pioneer

Former President Jimmy Carter is in Seattle, having spoken last night at the World Affairs Council’s 60th anniversary celebration and speaking today at the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation about Guinea worm. Guinea worm is a human parasite that eats its way through the human body and emerges a year…

0 Jimmy Carter, Sudan, peace and the guinea worm

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