1 Turning Seattle’s hodgepodge of do-gooders into a community

Seattle has become a hub, or more accurately a hodgepodge, of international do-gooders. To begin with, there’s that internationally oriented foundation based in Seattle run by a couple of mega-billionaires. The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, the world’s largest philanthropy, has made the Emerald City (do we still call it…

2 Seattle’s charity event scores big — for causes & credit card firms

The Seattle Foundation’s GiveBIG “day-of-giving” campaign last week attracted about 18,800 donors and raised $4 million to support some 900 local philanthropic organizations. The event, organizers say, turned out to be “The biggest single day in charitable giving in King County history.” It was also, apparently, a big day for…

3 Millennials doing microfinance and microphilanthropy

Millennials are big on microfinance, and microphilanthropy. Microfinance is most simply thought of as providing — and managing — small loans or financial services to poor individuals or small communities who otherwise wouldn’t ever get on a regular bank’s radar screen. Microphilanthropy is similar — philanthropy aimed at helping meet…