Jonathan Katz

1 The shortcomings of celebrities as humanitarian heroes

Secretary-General Meets Actor and Humanitarian Sean Penn at Haiti IDP CampUN Actor Sean Penn transformed into heroic aid worker Sean Penn in the aftermath of the 2010 earthquake in Haiti. His brash style and celebrity persona conspired to give him quick access to big players and media. In some cases…

Human Rights
1 In Defense of the UN’s Response in Haiti

Haitian boy with choleraUnicef The UN continues to refuse to take responsibility for the cholera outbreak in Haiti. It will not provide compensation to the victims, as some are calling for, claiming immunity against such claims. Many are outraged at the UN’s stance but, beyond the recriminations, there is a…

Global Health
0 Catching Up on Cholera in Haiti

When cholera broke out in Haiti in October 2010, reporter Jonathan Katz* was the first to break the story connecting UN peacekeepers from Nepal to the outbreak. Nearly two years later, Haiti is still struggling to address the issue of cholera and the UN has yet to admit that it was…