0 Journalists should not be the public relations team for NGOs

MSF press briefing.Médecins Sans Frontières The following post is by Mike Jennings and originally appeared on his blog. When I read a review of a hotel in the travel section of my favorite newspaper, the fact of who has paid for the accommodation is usually stated somewhere at the bottom:…

0 Lies, Damned Lies, Latin America and the Media

On this week’s podcast, I chat with Keane Bhatt about media reporting gone awry with systemic inaccuracies and bias. And we’re not just talking about Fox News. Bhatt has zeroed in on some of the most prestigious media outlets, like the The New Yorker, The New York Times, and This…

World Politics
0 Much Ado about Power and Rice

Donilon, Obama, Rice and Power walk in the Rose Garden of the White House, yesterday.Evan Vucci If there were such a thing as a foreign policy earthquake, the magnitude of yesterday’s White House reshuffle would have measured quite high. Twitter, blogs and media were abuzz with the news that the…

Human Rights
0 Uganda’s Brazen Press Crackdown Continues

Staff of the independent Ugandan newspaper the Daily Monitor are without an office as a standoff with Ugandan police entered its 10th day. All over a letter written by a general in the Ugandan army that rankled President Museveni. Ugandan police unceremoniously stormed the offices of the independent newspaper the…

2 The Problems with Western Journalists in Africa

Western journalists were rightly criticized for the overall level of coverage surrounding the Kenyan elections. However, it is a case that is a part of what seems to be the rule rather than the exception when it comes to how Western reporters will tell stories from the African continent. The…

Human Rights
0 Guest Post: The fragile promise of peace in Colombia

Katherine McKeon This is a guest post by Katherine McKeon, a UW communications major who recently returned to Seattle after working this summer for Reuters in Bogota, Colombia. The promise of peace talks between the government and FARC rebels is big news but, as she reports, few Colombians are getting…

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