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Survey says Americans still clueless on foreign aid spending | 

The Kaiser Foundation has published its annual survey on the American public’s attitudes regarding global health and foreign aid.

Disappointingly, but not surprisingly, the 2013 survey has discovered (these are my words) that most Americans have no clue as to how much we spend on foreign aid, where it is spent or why.

Below is one graph from the Kaiser report that assesses what participants think once they learn we only spend about one percent of the federal budget on foreign aid. Once they know reality, many more of those surveyed say we should spend more, fewer think we spend too much and the number who simply became confused or refused to talk anymore (ha!) increased by more than 50 percent:

Kaiser Survey Graph

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What’s global health journalism? | 

Flickr, Atle Brunvoll

My online reporting or blogging — or whatever it is I think I’m doing here (the point of this post, by the way) — was interrupted this week by flying back-and-forth between Seattle and Washington, D.C.

I was invited to participate in a discussion at the Kaiser Foundation about “The Future of Global Health Journalism” — in which I was quoted extensively out of context.

That’s fun to be able to say, since usually people complain to me about doing this to them. What I mean by out of context, however, is I was quoted after losing my context (i.e., job) when my former employer, the Seattle Post Intelligencer, decided to get rid of most of its staff and become instead an online blogfest of mostly unpaid “hyperlocal” citizen journalists.

I now operate within a new context, as an “experiment” for NPR, the nature of which is not always totally clear even to me yet supposedly represents the future of journalism — online journalism, new media, social media or (yuck?) blogging. The Kaiser Foundation does a great job of covering the coverage of global health news but I’m not sure it gets where journalism is going. I’m not sure anyone does, though some do claim to know. Continue reading