1 Will the US foreign aid budget continue its decline?

An increase in the foreign affairs budget for 2014 saw an end to a four year decline in the US. Discussions are now taking place over the Fiscal Year 2015 budget and the downward trend may resume. That is what will happen if Rep Paul Ryan’s (R-WI) budget proposal wins…

Global Health
0 New Data and Reports Turn Eye to Global Surgery Gap

A technological innovation (the iPad) a well designed survey (cluster randomization) and young health workers are the backbone of an important new study on surgery. Some might expect the combination of resources to be applied in a middle or high income nation, but a team has come together to provide…

0 New proof drug can prevent child malaria deaths

A new drug, derived from Chinese wormwood, is being hailed as more effective than quinine for treating children with life-threatening malaria. In today’s Lancet online, scientists followed nearly 5,500 children hospitalized for severe malaria at 11 health centers in nine African countries. The children (under age 15) received two forms…