0 China’s Great Leap towards Rapid Urbanization

Here’s the plan. China wants to move 250,000,000 people out of its rural areas and into cities within the next 15 years. There are 316 million people in the United States. China’s plan is to move nearly as many people as the world’s third most populous country. To do so,…

2 Update: Humanitarian rankers don’t like getting ranked on

In case you haven’t been following the comment thread on my earlier post regarding the Top 100 NGOs as identified by Global Journal, I wanted to post here a critical look at the rankings by development professional Dave Algoso. Algoso is an expert on aid and development issues. Here is…

Human Rights
0 Land reform and bulletproof vests

Roy Prosterman might, on first glance, suggest a kindly hobbit. The retired UW law professor is a friendly, gentle and small (in stature) man who hardly looks like a radical social reformer who could bring on death threats. Prosterman’s non-profit organization, now called Landesa (formerly RDI, Rural Development Institute), sounds…