Laura Freschi

1 A close, hard look at the 8,000-lb gorilla, the Gates Foundation

The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation is the world’s largest philanthropy and today perhaps the most influential player in global health — and certainly a leading voice across the entire aid and development sphere. Some think the Gates Foundation is a bit too big and influential, and not accountable enough.…

2 Is the Gates Foundation a “benevolent dictator” of global health?

That’s the provocative question addressed by two knowledgeable aid experts, Laura Freschi and Alanna Shaikh, in this article for Alliance magazine, a publication focused on philanthropy and social investing. They start out by emphasizing the clearly benevolent side to the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation: Today, the foundation’s annual spending…

0 Does doing “research” aimed at helping Africa hurt it?

Laura Freschi at AidWatch has posted a link to an interesting talk given by a Ugandan academic and raised a question with respect to African scientific research in her post “African Universities: Creating True Researchers or ‘Native Informers’ to NGOs? There’s a lot of discussion out there today about how…