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GlobalPost looks at Obama Admin’s “stumbling” Global Health Initiative | 

“A slow, stumbling start.”

That’s how John Donnelly, writing in GlobalPost, characterizes the Obama Administration’s Global Health Initiative. The online international news organization has published a short series called  “Healing the World” (yeah, kind of corny) that critically examines the initiative.

The U.S. government is, in fact, doing a lot when it comes to global health needs on a number of fronts — most of which were launched under President George Bush.

The Bush Administration’s global health “strategery” led to PEPFAR, a massive effort aimed at helping those with HIV/AIDS in Africa, the President’s Malaria Initiative and we remain the largest donor to multilateral initiatives like the Global Fund for AIDS, TB and Malaria.

These are amazingly grand and good things we are doing. But part of the problem with the U.S. approach to global health has been a lack of coordination among these initiatives and the various agencies carrying them out. Continue reading

Obama’s new global health czar | 

Few in the global health community appear to know much about the Obama Administration’s newly appointed chief of the $63 billion Global Health Initiative — which itself remains a bit unclear, but that’s another story.

Lois Quam

Lois Quam is a Minnesota health care executive best known for her work as a businesswoman at UnitedHealthGroup.

Given that the American health care system is the most expensive — and arguably least efficient and equitable in the developed world — Quam’s appointment to head up our nation’s efforts to improve health in the developing world is causing some to scratch their heads.

On Tuesday, as the Kaiser Foundation reports, Quam made her first public statements since accepting the position in January. The Administration also issued a report on its strategy.

Who is Lois Quam?

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