0 Two important visuals for new global migration data

Migration is a much debated subject around the world. We are investigating the impacts that migration on countries, migrants, business and more. Read more on Migration Matters. We have looked previously at visual representations of migration, but these two visuals manage to capture the scale of movement and its impacts. Also,…

115 Map of the Day: Where the Brits never invaded

The British Empire used to be pretty darned big. It was said that the sun never set on England (and it still might not). A new map is making the rounds that shows the places where the British have invaded. Of the nearly 200 countries out there, the Brits have…

0 What explains the weird way Congress voted down food aid reform?

Flickr, pinehurst19475 The recent defeat in Congress of legislation aimed at improving the efficiencies of our foreign efforts to feed the hungry didn’t fall into the normal partisan divisions, or even expected special interest categories. The Obama Administration has proposed changes to our nation’s uniquely wasteful and self-serving system of…

0 US graded low on child well-being, UNICEF says

UNICEF has put out an analysis and interactive mapping tool ranking the wealthier countries on how they do when it comes to child well-being. The US is right down there in the bottom third of this report card, with Lithuania and Romania. Go Team America!

1 Murder map

The Guardian has published a global map of murder rates based on data from the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime. The story accompanying the murder map said: Comparing murder rates of countries can really highlight the countries with problems – the ones in serious need of attention. A…

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