Marla Smith-Nilson

0 Guest Op-Ed: Water projects everywhere, but little accountability

Having worked in the nonprofit field for over 20 years, I know that in order to raise funds there is a temptation to over-simplify problems and solutions. In today’s information-saturated world we have less than two seconds to make an impression on a potential donor who visits our website. That leaves little room for telling the whole story, which takes longer than two seconds and doesn’t always help us raise funds.

0 On Water Day, a chat with Marla

Welcome to the inaugural Humanosphere podcast, featuring a look at recent news highlights in global health, aid and development as well as a guest interview. This week we briefly review the Gates Foundation’s push for a better condom, questions about the legitimacy of TOMS Shoes’ sales pitch and the Obama Administration’s latest attempt to convince people it has a global health policy agenda. The podcast is produced by Ansel Herz.