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0 Bringing better nutrition to Tanzania’s farmers

Six percent of children were characterized as wasted (critically below healthy weight for the appropriate age group) in September 2012. Last month, that number reached zero after a steady decline. More children are considered on target now than a year ago by more than 10 percentage points.

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0 USAID hosts innovation fair to avert maternal and child deaths

A mother plays with her young son in Mwea, Kenya.Gates Foundation Innovators gathered in Washington DC to show off their ideas and inventions that will help reduce child and maternal deaths. Saving Lives at Birth: A Grand Challenge for Development puts millions behind 22 grant winners though a partnership between the U.S. Agency…

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2 Saving newborn lives with a cardboard box

BBC It’s a safe bet. Sending cardboard boxes to poor countries will be the next big global child health initiative. The BBC reports today on the history and current use of boxes as newborn beds in Finland. The program started as a form of support for low-income families. In 1949 the…

0 Nature Conservancy saving Tanzanian mothers & kids to save chimps

Three years ago, David Banks went to a remote community in Tanzania to enlist the residents in ongoing efforts aimed at protecting the endangered chimpanzee population in the region.

David Banks. “Frankly, we got nowhere with that,” said Banks, director of the Africa program for the Nature Conservancy, one of the world’s leading environmental organizations (America’s largest such group) focused for most of its 60 years on buying parcels of land to preserve them from humanity’s frequently harmful activities.

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6 Why is mental illness so low on the global health agenda?

Flickr, by Dierk Schaefer Seattle recently hosted a big international meeting in which many of the world’s leaders in the fight to improve health met to parse data, debate statistical methods and struggle toward consensus aimed at informing the global health agenda. Given this focus on data, are the biggest…

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