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1 Philanthrocapitalists propose a Social Progress Index

Measurement, in case you didn’t know it, is the new black for the aid and development community. It’s true that innovation, as a buzzword anyway, hasn’t gone out of fashion yet and social entrepreneurship is still hot – despite the fact that few seem able to define it. But measurement is definitely this year’s favored wrap for the hip humanitarian. Now, it’s the Social Progress Index.

0 Update: Fighting over (meaning of) Philanthropy

Felix SalmonFelix Salmon EconomistMatthew Bishop Two of my favorite writers or “thought leaders” on economics and philanthropy, Felix Salmon of Reuters and Matthew “Philanthrocapitalist” Bishop of the Economist, continue their war of words here and here. Excellent! As I noted earlier, this all started when Salmon felt compelled to emphasize…

0 Update: Fighting over Philanthropy

I posted earlier on an interesting debate between two economics writers, Felix Salmon of Reuters and Matthew Bishop of the Economist, about the nature of philanthropy. The debate, in summary, is if making a profit is in itself a social good — and better than most of those other more…

2 Fighting over the fundamentals of philanthropy

There appears to be a  deep-seated intellectual boil festering at the base of our discussions around philanthropy, foreign aid and development. Those three words? I’m not sure anyone really knows what they mean. Flickr, Erebos I can’t see what you’re saying Yes, I’m sure the experts on philanthropy, aid and…

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2 Yunus Watch: Microfinance pioneer further piled on

I’m sorry to reveal a bias here, but all these attacks and critiques of the Bangladeshi economist and Nobel Peace Prize-winning pioneer of microfinance, Muhammad Yunus, appear to be so obviously opportunistic (if not an outright smear campaign), I can’t figure out why smart people just keep piling on. As…