Melinda Gates

1 When access is not enough for family planning

A community health worker visits with Dorcas Owino and her family. Sauri, Kenya – Efforts are increasing to bring family planning access to some two hundred million women around the world. Melinda Gates launched a new effort at the London Summit on Family Planning in July 2012. Shortages and a…

Human Rights
1 Better Data will Empower More Women

Polio vaccination team member, Sujata Roy, marks a house during a campaign in Balarampota village.Gates Foundation (New York) – Melinda Gates and Hillary Clinton agree, better data is vital to achieving lasting women’s empowerment. The gains made over the past few decades are encouraging they said while speaking at the…

0 How Bill Gates stopped worrying and learned to love the MDGs

Bill Gates was not thrilled about the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) when they were launched in 2005. The goals were meant to set tangible targets for the world and individual countries to achieve by 2015. Though he eventually came around to love them. Bill and Melinda now sing their praises…

0 Indian slum activists are Revolutionary Optimists at Melinda Gates TED talk

Like most TED talks, it was fun with a lot of broad and encouraging statements without too many complicating details. The webcast itself was ‘negatively disrupted’ (lots of jokes on Twitter about this) when the TED live stream dropped just as Melinda was making her opening statements. It was restored minutes later.

Of all the featured speakers, there may be no better examples of positive disruptors than 14-year-old Sikha Patra and 15-year-old Salim Shekh, along with their revolutionary Bengali community activist and mentor Amlan Ganguly. Salim and Sikha spoke with Melinda at the event. I talked with them earlier.

0 Seattle parties to help ‘Mobile Moms’ in Timor-Leste

Melinda Gates was there. Supermodel Christy Turlington was there. So were a thousand or two others, Seattle’s young humanitarians who started a Saturday evening bash with talks about maternal health but ended it with loud, thumping dance music. This annual Seattle do-gooder event at McCaw Hall, sponsored by the Washington…

Global Health
1 Melinda Gates says family planning should not be controversial

By Keith Seinfeld, KPLU ———————————————————————————————————————————— Melinda Gates is promoting access to contraceptives around the world, and urging everyone to believe it’s not a controversial step. She’s co-hosting a global summit on Wednesday in London, along with the British government. The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation hopes to overcome religious and…

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