Global Health
1 Visualizing a vaccine breaking new ground, and chains, in Africa

One of the biggest obstacles to expanding immunization to the remotest regions on the planet has been that vaccines must be kept refrigerated at low temperatures. A new vaccine created by Seattle-based PATH, with help from the World Health Organization and other partners, now indicates it may be possible to break free from these chains.

Global Health
0 PATH’s meningitis vaccine project on Good Morning America

PATH’s meningitis vaccine project was featured on ABC’s Good Morning America show on Memorial Day: Here’s my post from early December, when PATH, the World Health Organization, UNICEF and other partners started immunizing in Burkina Faso, the culmination of a decade-long struggle to develop an inexpensive meningitis vaccine designed for…

Global Health
1 PATH celebrates 34 years of life-saving gizmos

Seattle-based PATH today celebrated 34 years of finding creative ways to use science and technology to save millions of lives, mostly children, and one achievement this year that was unusually ground-breaking. A vaccine made only for poor people. That sounds simple enough, but it isn’t. Vaccines have to be made…