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1 A post-mortem for a dead international NGO

Earlier this month the UK-based Medical Emergency Relief International (Merlin) announced a merger with Save the Children. The two NGOs said that the decision was to achieve a better reach of critical humanitarian services to the world’s most vulnerable. “By combining Merlin’s expertise and flexibility with the heritage and reach of…

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0 Three years later: Was the massive humanitarian response in Haiti a success?

Co-authored by Tom Murphy ——————————————————————————————————————————— Immediately after the 2010 quake, many Haitians were given tents as ‘temporary’ shelters. Three years later, nearly 400,000 still live in them. UNDP ——————————————————————————————————————————— The international community’s response to the catastrophic 2010 earthquake in Haiti was one of the largest disaster relief responses ever carried…

2 Update: Humanitarian rankers don’t like getting ranked on

In case you haven’t been following the comment thread on my earlier post regarding the Top 100 NGOs as identified by Global Journal, I wanted to post here a critical look at the rankings by development professional Dave Algoso. Algoso is an expert on aid and development issues. Here is…

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1 Mercy Corps battling famine in Horn of Africa

Eighteen-year-old Saadia Farah and her one-year-old daughter AminaErin Gray/Mercy Corps photo Last week I wrote about IREX, an international, nonprofit agency working in the famine-struck Horn of Africa on long-term projects like education, media and community building. Today I’m focusing on another group that is hard at work providing immediate…

6 News update: Aid organizations continue to do media’s job

As I noted earlier, members of humanitarian organizations are often doing the media’s job overseas — of being there (when the media organization isn’t) and “reporting” on what’s happening. Joy Portella of Mercy Corps (the subject of my earlier post) is back in Seattle after traveling in East Africa and…

1 Two views on disaster relief in Japan

More than a month after the disastrous earthquake and tsunami that struck northeast Japan, experts are still analyzing the cataclysmic event and coming to startling conclusions — such as the recent announcement the tsunami was more than 120 feet high in at least one location. Another surprising observation made early…

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