Mercy Corps

4 Why you should donate, but maybe not to Japan

People want to help. Well, okay, not everyone wants to help. Some people are jerks. Despite my skeptical (which some misinterpret as cynical) view of human nature acquired after working a quarter century as a journalist, I find that most people actually do want to assist when they see someone…

0 Mobile phone banking in Haiti

The Gates Foundation just finished hosting the Global Savings Forum which included exploring how the poor can expand their use of mobile phones for financial services. For a look at how this works, here’s a video about such a project Mercy Corps and a Seattle wireless company has already launched…

World Politics
2 Transparency: World Vision bad, Mercy Corps good

And USAID Confused? That, at least, appears to be the assessment of one Till Bruckner, a former Transparency International aid monitor in Georgia (the country in the Caucasus, not the Peach State). In brief, Bruckner’s complaint stems from a Freedom of Information Act Request (FOIA) he made to the U.S.…