0 What’s In A Strawberry? Poverty and Racism

Michael Valiant/Flickr There’s nothing like sitting down at the table with a bowl of fresh berries from the store. Rinse them, maybe sprinkle a bit of sugar on top, and enjoy. Sweet and healthy. What’s not to like? Seldom do we consider where the berries come from. That’s where medical…

Global Health
0 Visualizing Mexico’s fight against obesity (and junk food)

There’s a global push to increase efforts against so-called noncommunicable diseases (NCD) like obesity, diabetes and heart disease – all of which are largely driven by poor dietary or lifestyle behaviors. The food and beverage industry has, since the beginning of this push against NCDs, pushed back against many efforts they see as singling out ‘fast food’ as bad food. So it is worth taking a closer look at how Mexico fares in its fight against fat.

0 What do trade policies and tostadas have in common?

More than you may think, as my Southern California Public Radio blogging colleague Leslie Berestein Rojas noted in her post “On Mexican Food, Farmers and NAFTA.” According to a top chef, the North American Free Trade Agreement has “decimated”  Mexican agriculture — which is also endangering its rich and sophisticated…