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4 Learning from mistakes made: The Millennium Villages Project

A new book that profiles economist Jeffrey Sachs is augmented by two new reports on the controversial Millennium Villages Project. One explores media attention to the MVP in Africa. Another says that the mistakes made by the MVP provide lessons for future projects and illustrate the importance of transparency in development projects.

3 Metrics Mania afflicts the fight against poverty

A lot of people who say they want to help poor people — the aid and development community — have been getting really nasty with each other lately. Why? In part, it’s because fighting poverty is messy and hard to measure. At the center of this nastiness is a well-known…

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0 Happy Globalized Labor Day

What in the world does Labor Day have to do with global poverty and inequity? At Humanosphere, we focus on various efforts aimed at reducing poverty or inequity — mostly in the developing world — which include fighting impoverishing diseases, increasing economic productivity, improving human rights and so on. Today…