Michel Kazatchkine

Global Health
0 A bad turn in the global fight against AIDS

As the Los Angeles Times and others reported this week, the global effort to fight AIDS has paid off with a 21 percent decline in deaths since the pandemic’s peak in 2005: The number of people getting lifesaving (drugs) rose 20% from 2009 to 2010. Three African countries, Botswana, Nambia…

10 Global Fund identifies fraud, media has learned

Today’s big global health news: An international fund that was created (with significant support from the Gates Foundation) to fight AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria in poor countries has identified episodes of fraud or at least misappropriation of funds amounting to tens millions of dollars. That sounds pretty bad all right.…

Global Health
0 Video: The Global Fund

The United Nations is holding a meeting (yes, another one … that’s what they do) this week to ask governments and donors to advance the fight against three of the world’s biggest killers. Here is a fairly compelling video that describes the progress achieved so far and advocates for more…