0 Chelsea Clinton champions youth engagement and women’s rights

Chelsea Clinton leads a plenary discussion at CGI 2013.CGI (New York) – Chelsea Clinton recognizes that being the daughter of a former US President and former Secretary State pushes her onto the American political stage. It is an opportunity rather than a burden for Clinton. In a conversation with a…

0 The UW’s first full year of its global health minor starts … now!

Speaking of Millennials, those young people in their 20s and early 30s we in the media have (annoyingly?) labeled as such, here’s more evidence that this generation is intensely interested in doing some serious global good. The University of Washington’s Global Health Department’s new undergraduate program. Started last January, mid-school…

1 Turning Seattle’s hodgepodge of do-gooders into a community

Seattle has become a hub, or more accurately a hodgepodge, of international do-gooders. To begin with, there’s that internationally oriented foundation based in Seattle run by a couple of mega-billionaires. The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, the world’s largest philanthropy, has made the Emerald City (do we still call it…

0 Party with a Purpose almost sold out!

Okay, you don’t have much more time. Party with a Purpose is almost sold out. This Friday’s event, sponsored by the Washington Global Health Alliance, is aimed at bringing together mostly young people (and some old people like me) to eat, drink, be merry and focus on a particular global…

3 Students ask: Can you save the world?

Hundreds of students at the University of Washington packed into a classroom Monday evening for a panel discussion entitled, “Can You Save the World?” Sponsored by a new student-run organization called the Critical Development Forum, it was an acknowledged riff on an earlier event we (KPLU Humanosphere) sponsored at Seattle…

2 Connected, aware and committed to change

I forgot to tell you earlier why I gave this series of stories about the Millennials its title: Connected to change. Maybe it’s obvious, but the first point here is that this generation, also known as Generation Y (though I’m told they don’t like that designation … too close to…

3 Millennials doing microfinance and microphilanthropy

Millennials are big on microfinance, and microphilanthropy. Microfinance is most simply thought of as providing — and managing — small loans or financial services to poor individuals or small communities who otherwise wouldn’t ever get on a regular bank’s radar screen. Microphilanthropy is similar — philanthropy aimed at helping meet…

Global Health
4 Five Millennials on global health

Global health is a big deal in Seattle. As a matter of worldwide significance, it is of course a big deal everywhere — by definition. But what I mean is that global health is today the cause célèbre for Seattle and throughout the region. It’s especially popular among the Millennials.…

2 Connected to Change: The Millennials

You might think the Millennials are engaging in the same old American lifestyle of consumerism, and the national pastime of generally ignoring the rest of the world. Chances are, you would be wrong.

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