Millennium Villages

2 One woman’s struggle to escape extreme poverty

Yala, Kenya  - The world’s leaders want to reduce extreme poverty to three percent by 2030. Mary Anyango would like to see progress now. Getting to the overall target means halving the number of people living in extreme poverty worldwide by 2020 to nine percent, World Bank President Jim Kim…

7 Jeffrey Sachs: The man who failed to end global poverty

News Analysis (See also Part 2 – the Prequel, a chat with Sachs about his controversial big ideas) Jeff SachsEarth Institute Yes, that’s a ridiculous headline. Oddly enough, it’s not that different from recent headlines on otherwise serious media reports and punditry regarding the anti-poverty economist Jeffrey Sachs. To wit:…

4 Learning from mistakes made: The Millennium Villages Project

A new book that profiles economist Jeffrey Sachs is augmented by two new reports on the controversial Millennium Villages Project. One explores media attention to the MVP in Africa. Another says that the mistakes made by the MVP provide lessons for future projects and illustrate the importance of transparency in development projects.

3 Metrics Mania afflicts the fight against poverty

A lot of people who say they want to help poor people — the aid and development community — have been getting really nasty with each other lately. Why? In part, it’s because fighting poverty is messy and hard to measure. At the center of this nastiness is a well-known…

2 Q&A with Jeffrey Sachs: Why is everyone so mad at this guy?

Well, maybe not everyone. But the world-renowned economist and director of Columbia University’s Earth Institute certainly has his fair share of angry critics. Jeffrey Sachs draws fire like few others within the aid and development community. Yet it’s also fair to say he has done as much as anyone to…

0 Metrics Mania: Background on the latest Millennium Villages flap

A quick chronology of the recent flap over Sachs and the Millennium Villages Project (MVP) ————————————————————————————————————————————– First came this report in The Lancet that reported in MVP communities – Child mortality rapidly declined over three years The news media, like The Guardian, reports this – Child mortality down by a…

0 The curious case of the Millennium Villages: Arguing why we get better

How many Americans know and/or care about the “Greatest Promise Ever Made” — the Millennium Development Goals? I haven’t seen a survey, but I suspect the numbers are low. That’s unfortunate because most economists and foreign policy experts say that reducing global poverty and improving people’s lives makes the world…

4 Why is everyone always picking on Jeff Sachs?

Okay, that’s not my real question. I think I know why people pick on Jeff Sachs. Jeff SachsEarth Institute Sachs, an economist and director of Columbia University’s Earth Institute, makes bold statements. He criticizes powerful people. He’s in cahoots with the United Nations (I believe he owns a black helicopter).…