Global Health
0 Irrigation leads to better crops and more malaria

Mosquitoes and plants thrive where there is water. Farmers in arid regions who use irrigation systems to collect water also construct a mosquito breeding ground. New research shows that irrigation systems malaria prone areas can cause an increase in local malaria risk that lasts for more than a decade. Even…

0 Altered skeeter update: Infecting mosquitoes to fight dengue

The idea of altering mosquitoes to fight disease appears to be quite contagious. It’s almost become a news category unto itself, with at least a story every month or so involving something like: –  Genetic modifications that causes infected skeeters to kill themselves or their disease cargo, or to cause…

0 Students dissecting mosquitos, tracking down malaria

Students from Whitman Middle School on Thursday learned a bit more about malaria research by perfecting a very specialized, if peculiar, skill — dissecting mosquitoes to remove their salivary glands. This was the latest class of recruits for Seattle BioMed’s BioQuest program. Here are some of the young scientists at…