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2 Muhammad Yunus on the crisis in microfinance

The Guardian has published an excellent, in-depth interview with Muhammad Yunus that provides perspective on the current crisis in microfinance. Yunus, the Nobel Prize-winning economist credited with developing this anti-poverty scheme, has been at the center of his own crisis, which overlaps with the general crisis but is largely due…

0 Mysterious microfinance firm re-emerges

Clay Holtzman, in his new blog Nonprofit Kingdom, notes that a year ago the Seattle microfinance firm Unitus closed its doors, laid off most of its staff and didn’t really tell anybody (including some major donors) why it did so. Unitus, which had claimed its primary mission was to help…

0 Has India jinxed microfinance?

The anti-poverty scheme known as microfinance is in crisis, or maybe several crises. The political sacking of Muhammad Yunus as head of the pioneering Grameen Bank, allegations of loan-shark profiteering by some microfinanciers and suicides of poor people caught in “debt traps” have led to a drumbeat of negative media…

World Politics
0 Yunus loses appeal

Microfinance pioneer and Nobel Prize laureate Muhammad Yunus has lost his appeal to Bangladesh’s high court seeking to overturn the government’s attempt to remove him from a leadership role at Grameen Bank, which provides loans and financial services to the poor. The AP reports that the move by politicians to…

0 Try to catch “To Catch a Dollar” on Yunus and microfinance

I was granted the opportunity, thanks to the good folks at SeaMo, to both join their party Thursday celebrating Seattle’s prominent role in the global microfinance community and to see the debut of a new documentary about this anti-poverty scheme and the Bangladeshi economist who pioneered it. To Catch a…

0 Microfinance pioneer Muhammad Yunus ousted?

Update as of Friday afternoon: Still not clear. Muhammad Yunus, the Nobel Peace Prize winning economist who created the anti-poverty loan strategy known as microfinance, has reportedly been ordered by the Bangladesh government to step down from his pioneering institution the Grameen Bank. I say reportedly because the news, at…

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