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0 PATH acquires drug company to speed fight on neglected diseases

Seattle-based PATH announced today that it is acquiring the non-profit drug company OneWorld Health. OneWorld Health, which will continue to operate from its headquarters in San Francisco, was created in 2000 as the first non-profit pharmaceutical company and has been focused from the beginning on creating drugs and vaccines for…

Global Health
1 NPR: Using lay therapists to deal with mental illness in India

In the global health arena, mental health care is typically considered — or not considered at all, more accurately — as infeasible for poor communities compared to the more pressing disease burdens of physical illness like AIDS, tuberculosis, malaria, pneumonia, malnutrition and the like. But as I’ve written here before,…

Human Rights
5 Foot note: Millions suffer simply for lack of shoes

Flickr, poppalina Millions of bare feet prove we still aren’t reaching the very poorest of the poor. The international community is doing a lot to help the world’s poor — spending billions of dollars (not enough, but still billions) to combat AIDS, TB and malaria, doing research, figuring out clever…

Global Health
1 What is a Neglected Disease?

One of the funny, maddening things about global health is all the terminology people use that seems to lack precise definition. Global health itself is fairly imprecise and debatable, as it turns out. QuestionFlickr, by David M* I wrote yesterday about the “most neglected disease” in global health — mental…

Global Health
3 The Most Neglected Disease in Global Health

Neon BrainFlickr, by Dierk Schaefer Is it Kala-azar black fever? Elephantiasis? African sleeping sickness? Guinea worm? How about mental illness? “Mental health is the Rodney Dangerfield of international health,” says Paul Bolton, an expert in evaluating treatments at Johns Hopkins University, paraphrasing the comedian’s signature line: “It gets no respect.”…

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