New York Times

1 Are there trade-offs in feeding the world?

UgandaIamNotUnique A world-wide hunger problem with a continuing growing population means that food is increasingly important. Some 842 million people suffer from chronic hunger. That means one out of every eight people is food insecure. More than 7 billion people are on the planet today. The additional population (roughly 10…

Global Health
1 Stigma faced by Ugandan women with breast cancer

Stigma, misinformation and poverty all conspire against women suffering from breast cancer, reports Denise Grady for the New York Times. Her excellent story profiles some of the women in Uganda who are suffering from breast cancer and are trying to seek treatment. One of the people is Jessy Acen, a…

Human Rights
0 Rwanda is not happy with ‘balanced’ Kagame profile

Paul KagameWEF Pulitzer Prize winning reporter Jeffrey Gettleman finally got the opportunity to sit down with Rwanda’s controversial president Paul Kagame. The three hour conversation was used in an article published in the New York Magazine profiling Kagame. The piece caught attention for a less-than-flattering depiction of the Rwandan president…

0 UNICEF’s digital tool that reunites families

UNICEF Sudden humanitarian disasters can separate families. The trauma is then compounded further by the difficulty in reuniting family members. That problem may be one of the past. A new UNICEF tool provides a quick way to bring families back together. The digital registration tool called Rapid Family Tracing and Reunification…

0 Rupee Down: Is India a sinking BRIC?

Wen-Yan King The breaks are screeching on the once throttling Indian economy. The national currency, the rupee, hit a new all-time low against the US dollar today. Five years ago the country was celebrated for its strong currency. Now it is drawing serious concerns. A consistent slide is cause for…

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