0 Hey NGOs! Stop fighting with each other!

If you’re sincere about fighting poverty, you shouldn’t be trying to out-compete someone else who’s also fighting poverty. Bookda Gheisar You should be supporting their efforts and sharing resources. That might seem like an obvious point, but too often, NGOs are squabbling with one another. Even in Seattle (where everyone…

1 Two views on disaster relief in Japan

More than a month after the disastrous earthquake and tsunami that struck northeast Japan, experts are still analyzing the cataclysmic event and coming to startling conclusions — such as the recent announcement the tsunami was more than 120 feet high in at least one location. Another surprising observation made early…

22 Guest post: The ugly game of relief for Japan

Flickr, jchong Note: This is a post written by an aid worker I know who, for reasons of employment, doesn’t wish to be identified. ————————————————————— Over the last day, my email inbox has filled with appeals for aid to Japan. I’ve heard from International Medical Corps, the World Food Programme,…