Nick Kristof

2 A conversation with Nick Kristof, humanitarian provocateur

Kristof is, for many, the voice of the humanitarian movement. Not surprisingly, he gave a rousing, moving talk Thursday evening for the Seattle Biomed crowd in which he emphasized the stunning progress that has been made in global health over the past few decades. He also spoke on the danger posed for sustaining this success story due to public apathy and the mistaken sense that the fight against poverty is too overwhelming, a ‘hopeless’ task.

1 The heroic humanitarian narrative: A force for good or bad?

The heroic narrative is almost irresistable as a storytelling strategy. But many in the aid and development community think it frequently does more harm than good: By implying individual, private efforts (i.e., DIY or “Do-It-Yourself” aid) are somehow superior to large-scale organizational or government-run programs when the evidence (one rebuttal…

Human Rights
1 New humanitarian standard for warfare?

Flickr, Jayel Aheram Except for euphemistically calling warfare “intervention,” I think this article in The Atlantic about our current military efforts in Libya “The New Standard for Humanitarian Intervention” is a good read. Says the author Robert Pape: We may be witnessing an historic shift in international norms. Gandhi and…

1 Nick Kristof and George Clooney on malaria

The New York Times’ Nick Kristof is taking questions from readers on malaria with actor George Clooney while simultaneously criticizing the media for being too celebrity-focused. Says Kristof: We in the news media aren’t always very good at covering issues of global disease like malaria, which kills about 850,000 people…