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0 Visualizing Mexico’s fight against obesity (and junk food)

There’s a global push to increase efforts against so-called noncommunicable diseases (NCD) like obesity, diabetes and heart disease – all of which are largely driven by poor dietary or lifestyle behaviors. The food and beverage industry has, since the beginning of this push against NCDs, pushed back against many efforts they see as singling out ‘fast food’ as bad food. So it is worth taking a closer look at how Mexico fares in its fight against fat.

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0 Food & beverage industries undermining global health

Flickr, su-lin The ‘junk food’ industry is a major threat to global health, according to  study published in The Lancet and as reported by The Guardian, Reuters, the Independent and other news organizations. Makers of sugary drinks, high-caloric processed foods and other unhealthy food products are employing some of the…

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7 Guest post: Global health needs to focus on health, not disease

This is a guest post from Wendy Johnson, a physician at the University of Washington with extensive experience working health issues in low-resource communities in Africa. ——————————————————————————————————————————— Wendy Johnson  The UN High-level Meeting on Non-communicable Diseases (NCDs) couldn’t come at a worse time. While the delegates, disease experts and functionaries…

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