Global Health
1 Stigma faced by Ugandan women with breast cancer

Stigma, misinformation and poverty all conspire against women suffering from breast cancer, reports Denise Grady for the New York Times. Her excellent story profiles some of the women in Uganda who are suffering from breast cancer and are trying to seek treatment. One of the people is Jessy Acen, a…

0 The collateral damage of US immigration wars

As politicians like John McCain and others call for stronger border protections between the US and Mexico, the people who are trying to enter the US are undertaking strenuous journeys. Cities like Tucson, Arizona saw the scale up of security along the border in order to capture and deter illegal…

0 Volunteers cause homelessness, claims Hedge Fund Manager

Andy Kessler, founder of the billion-dollar Palo Alto investment firm Velocity Capital Management, thinks that homelessness in the United States is caused by the people who volunteer at homeless shelter. The hedge fund manager took to the Wall Street Journal to condemn volunteering. He opens with the story of a couple…

0 China’s Great Leap towards Rapid Urbanization

Here’s the plan. China wants to move 250,000,000 people out of its rural areas and into cities within the next 15 years. There are 316 million people in the United States. China’s plan is to move nearly as many people as the world’s third most populous country. To do so,…

8 The dilemma of eating locally and hurting others globally

Farmer plants rice in the Philippines. Credit: International Rice Research Institute (IRRI) Want to change the world? Many tell you to start at the grocery story…or with your local farmers market. Eat less meat, go organic, eat local and eat healthier. Such recommendations can be heard just about anywhere and…

Global Health
0 Cholera Concerns Mounting in Sierra Leone

A cholera outbreak in Sierra Leone that made its way to the capital city of Freetown is spreading at an alarming rate. MSF reported an estimated 1,500 cases and 17 deaths in a July 31 press release. The WHO released new numbers yesterday that cholera has infected 5,706 people since…

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