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World Politics
2 CIA promises not to do any more fake vaccination programs

The Obama Administration has promised that the Central Intelligence Agency will never again have its spies pretend to be doing vaccinations overseas. Some will laugh out loud at the idea of an agency that is fundamentally based on deception and misdirection keeping any such public promise. More importantly, the aid…

11 Visualizing gun deaths – Comparing the U.S. to rest of the world

When it comes to gun violence, the United States stands out. President Obama’s nominee for surgeon general, Vivek Murthy, a renowned Boston-based physician, has advocated for stricter gun-control laws and referred to the U.S. rates of gun violence as a public health threat.  Murthy’s views have ignited opposition from the…

Global Health
0 Back to the fuzzy future in global health

Analysis Flickr, woodleywonderworks The global health community seems at a loss these days, as indicated by two conferences yesterday I web-participated in devoted to coming up with a future game plan for the field. I’ll get to those, but first some context: I am long-in-tooth enough to remember when ‘global…

Global Health
0 Global health advocates deal with losing clout

Somali mothers and their babies wait for vaccines at a health center in Mogadishu, Somalia. One million children still die at birth every year due to lack of care.AP For the first time in nearly 15 years, the US government is poised to reduce its investment in global health. The…

Human Rights
1 Obama delivers on global promise to lesbian, gay, bi- and transgender community

The Obama administration made good on its 2011 memorandum to support lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) rights with the announcement of a four year LGBT Global Development Partnership. The collaborative effort between USAID, the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency, gay rights groups and private sector actors will bring foreign assistance to support LGBT equality…

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