0 Obesity rising

Obesity is not one of the sexiest global health problems. Unlike infectious diseases such as malaria, where children are viewed as innocent victims of a malicious virus, obesity is commonly perceived as a result of poor lifestyle choices made by adults. The global health community cannot afford to ignore the…

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0 Visualizing Mexico’s fight against obesity (and junk food)

There’s a global push to increase efforts against so-called noncommunicable diseases (NCD) like obesity, diabetes and heart disease – all of which are largely driven by poor dietary or lifestyle behaviors. The food and beverage industry has, since the beginning of this push against NCDs, pushed back against many efforts they see as singling out ‘fast food’ as bad food. So it is worth taking a closer look at how Mexico fares in its fight against fat.

0 The global population is growing … fatter

Sanjay Basu in Global Health Hub reports on a number of studies documenting the rise in obesity worldwide. Basu notes that obesity has now overtaken tobacco as the largest preventable cause of disease in several regions. Middle-aged women are especially susceptible, as this graph shows: The question is Why? There…

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1 World’s fattest nations

The World Health Organization issued its 2010 annual report today, focusing on how to assure all people have access to health services. GlobalPost didn’t pay attention to that, and instead focused on WHO’s fattest nation stats. The U.S. scores poorly, as always. Obesity is on the rise in poor as…