0 ONE at Ten – A decade of working to make poverty history

Flickr, Globetoppers In today’s podcast, we take a close look at one of the world’s leading anti-poverty advocacy organizations, the ONE Campaign. The group, founded a decade ago by U2 lead singer Bono and others in the humanitarian community, has nearly 4 million members who use ‘people power’ to encourage…

3 Why are male farmers out-performing women in Africa?

Gates Foundation The gap between men and women in some African countries is easily seen in agriculture. Male-managed farm plots consistently out-perform those of their female counterparts by as much as 66% in Niger and 25% in Malawi. The long-held belief was that a lack of access to the necessary…

Human Rights
0 Somalia: Famine, death and suffering continues

The deadly, tragic situation in Somalia persists. As the ONE Campaign notes in an overview Update on Horn of Africa: Four million people remain food insecure in Somalia and 250,000 in Southern Somalia continue to face famine conditions. These conditions are expected to persist at least through December 2011 and…

Human Rights
2 Bono uses the F word

Bono, U2′s lead singer and perhaps the world’s leading (or at least most celebrated) advocate in the fight against global poverty, has been known to use the F word on occasion. Here, in this post for the ONE campaign (which Bono co-founded as a grassroots lobbying campaign to urge governments…

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