Orin Levine

0 Bill Gates’ humanitarian plan for world (vaccination) domination

Everyone knows Bill Gates loves vaccines. Yet few seem to appreciate just how revolutionary and accidental is this love affair. Promoting this powerful, fundamental tool for children’s health may look these days like the obvious humanitarian thing for a philanthropist to do. But it wasn’t either obvious or that celebrated when the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation started down this path in the 1990s.

0 Fighting pneumonia, world’s biggest killer of children

There are a number of news stories out there now marking the big roll-out this week of a new vaccine against pneumonia. Here’s one story out of Kenya, and another which notes this is just the beginning of a global effort. Sarah Boseley at The Guardian takes note, and also…

1 World Pneumonia Day

Today is World Pneumonia Day Here’s a few fast facts: 1. Pneumonia kills more children under the age of five than any other disease, claiming a young life every 20 seconds. 2. For every child that dies from pneumonia in the industrialized world, 2000 more die in developing countries. 3.…