Owen Barder

Human Rights
0 The aid debate continues in the media and on blogs

The debate over aid does not want to go away, but it is moving away from general statements about whether it works or not. Regardless of who is right and what we believe, it is promising to see the conversation taking a far more constructive tone. However, the present discussions…

0 Owen Barder: Should we pay less for vaccines?

Owen Barder, a development expert at the Center for Global Development, asks “Should we pay less for vaccines?” Barder’s post was prompted by the critical response some advocacy groups, like Oxfam and Médecins Sans Frontières (aka Doctors Without Borders) made after the successful fund-raising effort on June 13 by the…

0 Can we end poverty, on a postcard?

Quick question: Can we end poverty or not? One of the many annoying things journalists do is force people to give simple answers to complex questions. One of my favorite blogger-development experts out there who doesn’t shy away from taking on this often-impossible task is Owen Barder, a Brit based…