World Politics
2 CIA promises not to do any more fake vaccination programs

The Obama Administration has promised that the Central Intelligence Agency will never again have its spies pretend to be doing vaccinations overseas. Some will laugh out loud at the idea of an agency that is fundamentally based on deception and misdirection keeping any such public promise. More importantly, the aid…

0 Listening is key to effective aid and development

Humanitarian leaders and their organizations talk a lot about listening to what citizens in developing countries want. The UN is taking it so seriously that it launched a survey as a part of its effort to determine what will replace the Millennium Development Goals. “Not until I spent three weeks…

1 Law & Order: Poverty alleviation unit

Gary Haugen (New York) – Movement inside of the Sheraton Hotel, location of the Clinton Global Initiative meeting, came to a standstill as President Obama exited the building. Press and meeting attendees left at once, flooding the lobby of the hotel. A swarm formed in front of the elevators as people…

Global Health
1 Polio is a proxy for chaos

The polio virus, as it is frustratingly inclined to do, has rebounded again despite the ongoing, determined effort aimed at worldwide eradication. Like the game whack-a-mole, polio is popping up again in locations that we thought had gotten rid of it for good – like Israel or eastern Europe.

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