0 The next big thing (pause) in sex: female condoms

Once upon a time, not that long ago actually, most American women didn’t use tampons. After they had been invented and introduced as a product, it still took some seventy years for them to gain widespread adoption. People are loathe to change their habits when it comes to intimate parts of the body, even when there are obvious health benefits.

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1 It’s female condom day! Also, it’s ozone day!

The female condom was developed years ago to allow women more control over their reproductive health, safety and choice. It’s good in concept but, as has been reported here and there, the reception so far has been fairly poor. Some complain it’s too expensive as compared to the male condom; other say it’s too cumbersome.

Global Health
0 Bill Gates’ humanitarian plan for world (vaccination) domination

Everyone knows Bill Gates loves vaccines. Yet few seem to appreciate just how revolutionary and accidental is this love affair. Promoting this powerful, fundamental tool for children’s health may look these days like the obvious humanitarian thing for a philanthropist to do. But it wasn’t either obvious or that celebrated when the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation started down this path in the 1990s.

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