2 A history of failed philanthropy in Africa?

World Economic Forum, 2005. (L to R) Bill Clinton, Bill Gates, Thabo Mbeki, Tony Blair, Bono, Olusegun Obasango.WEF Philanthropic efforts have existed for centuries in order to improve Africa. Has it failed for centuries? Author Paul Theroux says philanthropic efforts trace back from from Sir Thomas Buxton in the 18th…

0 Charity is a broken concept, says Warren Buffett’s Son

Peter Buffett, son to billionaire Warren Buffett, describes how he came to understand the nature of and the problems with philanthropy and charity. He describes in the a New York Times OpEd how he was introduced to the sector when his father established three foundations for his children to run.…

World Politics
1 Seattle talk: Philanthro-capitalism and the politics behind the global health agenda

On Friday, 3:30-6 pm, UW Health Sciences Hogness Auditorium, historian Anne-Emanuelle Birn gave the Stephen Stewart Gloyd endowed lecture, “Philanthrocapitalism, Cooption and the Politics of Global Health Agenda-Setting.” ——————————————————————————————————————————– The words “global health” usually conjure images of health workers vaccinating children in Africa, major initiatives aimed at getting anti-HIV drugs…

3 Update on Greg Mortenson and ‘Three Cups of Deceit’

Author and philanthropist Greg “Three Cups of Tea” Mortenson is back in the news with his attorneys asking a judge to toss out a lawsuit that accuses him of defrauding readers and donors. For a quick reminder of what Mortenson is accused of, you can read Jon Krakauer’s devastating critique…

4 BBC looks at “secretive” and powerful Gates Foundation

News analysis The BBC has done an extensive (40 min) report on the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation titled “Fortress Bill.” It is available for six more days online and will be rebroadcast on Sunday, Jan. 8. The BBC introduces the Gates Foundation as the world’s largest philanthropy aimed at…

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