0 Visualizing Brazil’s score on health and equity goals

While soccer fans globally have been following the excitement of the World Cup matches in Brazil, riots in the country have thrust its poverty and inequality into the international spotlight. While Brazil has made progress in reducing poverty and improving health, much work remains to improve well-being in the country.…

1 1.6 billion people living in poverty, says report

An estimated 1.6 billion people around the world are living in multidimensional poverty, says a new analysis by the Oxford Poverty and Human Development Initiative. It is a significantly higher estimate than 1.2 billion people who live in income poverty. The difference is accounted for by looking at education levels, electricity access,…

0 Can sex sell poverty? Save the Children gives it a try

The video is pure Upworthy click bait, and you’ve never heard the word ‘diarrhea’ sound so sexy. “Models are told to make poverty sound sexy; you will never believe what happens next,” might read the copy accompanying the latest effort from Save the Children. In it, a group of models…

1 End of extreme poverty by 2030? Not so fast

Big statements about ending extreme poverty by 2030 were tossed about last year.  It is a possible outcome, though far from certain. Present estimates say that there are 1.2 billion people still experiencing extreme poverty. That means that they have, on average, less than $1.25 each day. That $1.25 is…

0 What’s In A Strawberry? Poverty and Racism

Michael Valiant/Flickr There’s nothing like sitting down at the table with a bowl of fresh berries from the store. Rinse them, maybe sprinkle a bit of sugar on top, and enjoy. Sweet and healthy. What’s not to like? Seldom do we consider where the berries come from. That’s where medical…

0 Imaging poverty replacing celebrity as a pop culture fixture

A Toronto-based women’s shelter imagines a world where tabloids about celebrities are replaced by magazines telling of the struggles faced by the poor. A new campaign by the Woodgreen Community Centre, a place that helps educate, train and find employment for women, shows some of the possibilities by reworking the…

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