0 Imaging poverty replacing celebrity as a pop culture fixture

A Toronto-based women’s shelter imagines a world where tabloids about celebrities are replaced by magazines telling of the struggles faced by the poor. A new campaign by the Woodgreen Community Centre, a place that helps educate, train and find employment for women, shows some of the possibilities by reworking the…

0 Things are not getting better for the extreme poor

Politico Bill Gates rightly said that things are getting better around the world. It is the case for the majority, but not for the extreme poor. Inequality has become a sort of international topic du jour. President Obama mentioned it in his State of the Union, the Pope brought up…

2 Slum it for a night in a South African Shanty town!

You might have heard of glamour camping (aka glamping), but the latest fad for rich people to tour poverty is the Shanty town. That’s right. Move over slum tourism, where you only temporary look at poor people. Now you can live like one! If you are looking for a spa…

2 One woman’s struggle to escape extreme poverty

Yala, Kenya  - The world’s leaders want to reduce extreme poverty to three percent by 2030. Mary Anyango would like to see progress now. Getting to the overall target means halving the number of people living in extreme poverty worldwide by 2020 to nine percent, World Bank President Jim Kim…

7 Jeffrey Sachs: The man who failed to end global poverty

News Analysis (See also Part 2 – the Prequel, a chat with Sachs about his controversial big ideas) Jeff SachsEarth Institute Yes, that’s a ridiculous headline. Oddly enough, it’s not that different from recent headlines on otherwise serious media reports and punditry regarding the anti-poverty economist Jeffrey Sachs. To wit:…

2 End poverty by cutting foreign aid

Effective and working governments are necessary for prosperity. However, foreign aid is getting in the way of government progress, says Princeton University’s Angus Deaton. The author of the new book The Great Escape: Health, Wealth, and the Origins of Inequality argues his case in Project Syndicate. Unfortunately, the world’s rich countries…

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