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Gates Fdn’s Bertozzi: Three things make this World AIDS Day different | 

It’s World AIDS Day, a day we’ve been marking for decades. Millions of people are still dying of AIDS every year, two people still getting infected every day for every person put on treatment.

But this year, it’s different.

Gates Foundation

Stefano Bertozzi

“It’s night and day, at least when it comes to prevention,” said Dr. Stefano Bertozzi, director of HIV and tuberculosis programs at the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. “The landscape has shifted dramatically.”

Progess has been made in reducing the rate of new HIV infections through education, safe sex campaigns and the like. The world community has succeeded in getting more people on life-saving treatments. But the pandemic continues worldwide, with numbers (33 million infected, nearly 2 million dying every year) that are daunting if not mind-numbing. Continue reading

A pretty big deal: A daily pill to prevent HIV infection | 


Anti-HIV drug Truvada

Medical researchers have shown that taking a common anti-AIDS drug can be used to prevent HIV infection in sexually active men by more than 70 percent — or even up to 95 percent if taken with complete diligence.

This could be a pretty big deal.

As a new UN report states, we are making progress against HIV/AIDS worldwide but too many (nearly 2 million people) are still getting infected every year. Continue reading