Global Health
0 PRI’s The World: Cancer’s global reach

PRI’s The World, in collaboration with the Pulitzer Center for Crisis Reporting, today launched a series of stories examining cancer in the developing world which includes a fantastic interactive map (below is a just a screen grab): PRI’s The World Joanne Silberner, a Seattle journalist, friend and colleague who formerly…

Global Health
0 PRI’s Joanne Silberner on Mental illness in Uganda

Health journalist Joanne Silberner, former health policy correspondent based at NPR’s flagship in DC and now (lucky for us) based here in Seattle at the University of Washington, has done an excellent report on the lack of mental illness care in Uganda for PRI’s The World. I’ve done a few…

Global Health
1 Rationing health care around the world

Contrary to popular opinion, health care is rationed everywhere. It’s just not rationed the same way. For a look at how other countries decide where to draw this difficult line, take a look at PRI’s The World special report “Rationing Health.” Journalists examined health care rationing in four other countries,…