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0 One view on the meaning of the Arab revolt

Like many Americans, if not most, I’ve been captivated with all the news of the “revolution” that is now roiling Egypt and much of the rest of the Arab world. But what’s it all mean for rest of us, for the humanosphere? There’s plenty of opinion, hand-wringing and alarmist commentary…

World Politics
0 Egypt protests turn violent, Mubarak not ready to leave yet

The political uprising in Egypt took a violent turn recently, as government supporters (whom many reports say are being identified as often police or security force personnel in civilian clothes) clash with protesters on the street still calling for immediate regime change. Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak, who earlier reshuffled…

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0 Egypt to follow Tunisia?

Protests have erupted in Egypt as people demand political change, the demonstrations apparently prompted by the successful (so far) people’s revolution in Tunisia. CNN questions whether Egypt will go the same way as Tunisia and examines some key differences that may prevent the popular revolt in Cairo from catching fire…