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Scientists report on how climate change is linked to health | 

To be fair, I should alert you to the fact that I am noting here a few scientific papers published in the Public Library of Science (PLoS).

PLoS is part of a trend toward free and open publication of scientific research, so it’s worth you knowing about PLoS in its own right. These papers specifically focus on the very intimate and important connections between climate change and public health, which we also all need to recognize.

Climate change isn’t just about temperatures, water and storms. It affects our health.

Now, there are a few nerdy statements in these articles, such as: “Human beings live in a biosphere in which the transient forces we know as “weather” considerably influence lifestyle and behaviour.”

But on the whole, these are two papers worth a read.

Why we need to view climate change as a public health problem

The link between climate change, health and ethics

Here’s an illustration that, uh, doesn’t really help much … but I guess makes the general point. And it’s colorful:

PLoS Medicine