Rajiv Shah

Human Rights
0 Nation’s humanitarian-in-chief takes business-like approach

Writing for Foreign Policy, Samuel Loewenberg questions Rajiv Shah, head of the U.S. Agency for International Development and a former Gates Foundation program director, about the aid agency’s goal of becoming more “business-like” in its approach. Loewenberg, a global health fellow in Harvard’s Nieman program but more importantly (to us…

Global Health
4 Feds deny funding to UW health project in Mozambique

The Obama Administration says it wants to re-invent foreign aid and one of its mantras is to increase “country ownership” of the programs it funds for improving health and welfare in poor countries. Given this, it came as a shock to Dr. Stephen Gloyd and others at the UW’s Health…

World Politics
0 David Rieff did NOT call Raj Shah a Marxist

Update / clarification on my earlier post in which I poked fun at an article that claimed Bill Gates has brainwashed the Obama Administration. In The New Republic article, the author David Rieff contends that Gates and his techno-fix minions at the world’s largest philanthropy have indoctrinated everyone in the…

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